Fast Car! Car Keys!!!

My kids play this game that if they see a car that they think looks hot they call car keys on it. So now they own this car and no one else can call car keys on that vehicle unless it’s the next day. This is the same for trucks, campers, motorcycles, houses, etc. My favorite one is Set Up keys! This one is universal: If a truck is pulling a camper, a trailer with equipment on the back of it, or whatever it’s a setup key call. I personally do not have a parking lot that can fit all the vehicles and what not that they have called.

My oldest son tickles me. He’s really big into cars and of course the Fast and the Furious imports. He can just hear a ‘fart can’ (a car with a loud exhaust on it) and scream car keys! The 2 older boys are so competitive with each other that they will start calling them on everything they see going down the interstate. Sometimes it is sweet. I get a “Car keys for Momma!” or “Car keys! Mom will you drive me around in it?” “House keys! Here mom you can have it.” Yea sometimes they think of me.

Ok here are the rules to car keys:

  • First who yells it…gets it. If it’s a tie then you must decide who is going to “drive” it on the weekends or through the week.
  • You have to know the maker and try to know the type. For example: Ford (maker) Flex (type) or Chevy (maker) Tahoe (type)
  • You have to see it. For example, you drive a road everyday, you cannot call something around the corner. You have to see it.
  • If you don’t know the maker you have to try your best to figure it out. This is hard when you call car keys on a vehicle traveling the opposite direction on the interstate.
  • If you absolutely cant figure out what the car is, then the call is up to mom and dad.
  • You cannot call a whole parking lot. You can call an Army base but you have to be willing to share the tanks, true-hummers, and whatever else is ‘cool’ in there.
  • You cannot call the same car twice in one day.
  • No car keys infinity. Meaning it’s always yours.
  • You can call ONE house infinity, which by the way, mine is flipping awesome!
  • You are either in or you’re out. I mean don’t say you’re not playing then call car keys.

I know it seems like a lot of rules but once you play it, it gets very easy. I catch myself playing car keys by myself or with someone who doesn’t really care, like my father. Today I called a black Mazzeratti (sp?). That thing was nice.

I absolutely hate traveling sometimes because of this game. My 2 year old yells out car keys on hoopty rides LOL. WARNING: This game is extremely annoying, but just smile and ignore.  I will give you a hint: if someone calls car keys on a motorcycle, well then you must know they don’t have that motorcycle, so you better yell out motorcycle keys…then it’s yours. I have a parking lot full of motorcycles,

It’s a good imaginary game. It prevents punching wars between brothers in the back for calling punch bugs. Although, sometimes it can cause nasty arguments of “Not fair! You can see around dads head.”

So try it out. Go get you some cars that you never thought you would own. But don’t forget, it’s imaginary, so don’t go get in that car and take off. Don’t hold me responsible for you not reading well. 🙂


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