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Venting Smoke

I’m going to vent with this one. It’s a little different from my style and you will see I’m going to struggle with the bitchfest since I’m usually a goofball. Anywho, this is my personal opinion, and just so everyone knows, everyone is allowed an opinion. I don’t need hate emails, or rude comments, or whatever cause I will respect your opinion by agreeing to disagree and not responding. Ok? Good.

My facebook has been riddled with these people who have been smoke free for days upon days. That is wonderful! But wait there’s more. Where I am from they have this new electronic but not electronic, add a flavor and nicotine to it and inhale cigarette.  I don’t want to give out the name because I’m not sure how they will take to this. It looks like a pen and you can buy flavors and liquid nicotine and add it to this thing. You hit a button to adjust your nicotine and you inhale…ahhh sweet cheese cake that was good. Here’s my deal…you are not smoke free for days if you still are puffing one of these. Instead, you have switched your habit from a cigarette to a pen smokie thingy, but you are still smoking!

I went camping several weeks ago and a friend of mine was there that has “quit smoking” for months now. Yes I did smoke at this time. I was a pack a day smoker. I’ll explain ‘was’ here in a few. When I drink, I smoke more. When I’m around the camp fire, I smoke more. My friend who has “quit smoking” had that pen smokie thingy attached to her lips constantly. Let’s say I smoked one cigarette every hour. That’s 10 drags a cigarette. (Not being literal, just using this as an example) I can bet you a pay check, wait I don’t get paid….ummmm I can bet you a good home cooked meal that this chick took a drag of her smokie pen thingy every 2-5 mins. Yea. Way more than I am. So technically you replaced one habit with another and you are trying to convince yourself that you are doing great because you aren’t smoking a chemical filled nasty cigarette? Not in my eyes. Maybe the first 1-2 weeks, but past that, it’s a habit and you will struggle to break it too.

Let me explain my ‘was’ to you. November 1st I’ve put down the cigarettes. Today is the 4th. I’m doing GREAT!!! I didn’t smoke the 1st two days until my hubby’s procrastination kicked in and sent me to a half a smoke. Ok well a half is not good nor bad. 3rd day I did great, and today…procrastination killed me. But I hope in the next week or so I’ll completely have my habit nipped in the butt with no pen smokie thingy.

Cold turkey isn’t for everyone and I understand. Slip ups happen to the best of us and I will not let that mess me up quitting. As for the new habit these people are starting, you still smoke. You still inhale and you still have the habit of bringing something to your lips and inhaling…whoa…get your mind out of the gutter! Therefore you are fulfilling your lovely habit AND including the nicotine that is the hardest part of quitting, for it is the drug that pushes you to want more.

Again, congrats on no chemical filled, nasty cigarette! Now quit your other habit you have created. You will go through the exact same thing as trying to put down the cigarette. Good luck!