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School, and jealousy, and storms oh my!

School. School. School. Did I mention that I really despise school? LOL Yes I am pushing for a double major. Right now I’m focusing on a Business Degree, and if possible my double major will include HR. I salute the women who work full time, have children, and school. I’m just a stay at home mom and I struggle. But I take my time and this is my 3rd semester in and I’m rocking a 4.0 grade average. Yep gonna toot my horn some.

Speaking of tooting horns, has anyone seen the picture floating around the internet where it’s a mother of 3 and she is ripped up and looks good? Why are people having such a hard time with this? I think she rocks! There are some people saying that she doesn’t have her priorities right, she doesn’t put her kids first, blah blah blah. Poor lady. That picture motivates me. Not to exercise but to want to. That’s close right? Wonder if I can burn calories by thinking about exercise? That would kick butt! I would be so fit….who the hell am I kidding, I would still be flabby.

Update on Trooper: He continues to rip off his band aid and his butterfly stitches, but it does look like it’s healing up good. Also, none of the boys will admit to cutting the pillow case. The case of the pillow case remains unsolved although if this was put in front of a jury, Marvin would have some incriminating evidence against him.

Nothing much has happened in the past few days. It’s remained calm. As a mom I have come to realize in my years that calm really is the calm before the storm and all hell is going to break lose soon. Fingers crossed that no storms are sneaking up! Have a great night yall!


Out With the Old and In With the New

I’m a little slow. I’ve wanted to write a diary for a few weeks now and a friend recommended me to do blogs instead. How slow you ask? I had to Google what a blog was. Yep that’s me! A 31 year old who still thought diaries were the “in” thing to do. Damn if I’m not getting old. Remember when you could hula hoop for hours? No more! Today it’s no fun. We’re all too fat, lazy, or busy.

Let me introduce myself…Call me Sunshine. Yep that’s code for fake name. The rest is all real except the names. I have 3 wonderful children 2, 10, 11…hence “My Padded Room” and I married the town whore a few months back. LOL I’ve known him for years, and I know he has grown up and he thinks with the head on his shoulders. I stated I was 31 and I’m hoping from the diary sentence you gathered I’m a woman. 🙂 I’m the only female in my house! I’m a stay at home mom…hence “My Padded Room” with the 2 year old. He’s a whiney little thing, but he has his mommas heart wrapped around his pinky.

I have a weird and sometimes twisted sense of humor. You will learn all this as we go. I rant a lot and probably will say things that I’m going to have to apologize for. Here’s a quick tip about me: If you get offended easily, quit reading now, step away from the computer, and go find a life. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m far from that, just know I hate to sugar coat things. I’m blunt. Not the ones you smoke, I don’t do drugs.

So what brings me here? I have a lot on my mind. Today’s days are wildly outnumbered by the abnormal days to you that seem extremely normal to me. Most likely I will be here every night granted I haven’t moved into the looney bin.